Winterize Your Roofing and Gutters

Winterize Roofing and Gutters

Winter is coming and you are hoping that your roof and gutters are ready to handle the ice and snow that is sure to fall on your area for the next few months. Rather than hoping that your home is prepared for the weather, you should take the necessary steps to make sure that your roof and gutters are ready to withstand the brutal cold and winds that winter has to offer.

What Does It Mean To Winterize Your Roof And Gutters?

During the course of the year, your roof and gutters collect debris and other materials that can impede their performance. It may not be evident during the summer months, but when the ice starts to build up, that is when you will see the issues that moss and other debris have created. Winterizing your roof and gutters will insure that they both perform as they should and protect your home from the cold winter months.

What Steps Are Taken To Winterize A Roof?

Trees that have grown over your roof during the spring and summer present places for ice to gather and fall. The shingles and flashing in your roof may have deteriorated a bit during the warmer months and could present a leaking hazard. The caulk that seals the roof overhang and prevents water from getting in under your roof should probably be replaced, and the branches and leaves that are stuck in your roof also need to be removed.

What Steps Are Taken To Winterize Gutters?

Cleaning the part of the gutters you can see is not enough to winterize them. The downspouts can become clogged, especially if you do have downspouts that curve, and that can create ice dams which will damage your roof. Your gutters need to be thoroughly cleaned, the pitch needs to be checked, and leaky gutters need to be repaired before winter sets in. You also have to make sure that all of your gutters are securely mounted to your home and are prepared to hold the weight of a lot of snow and ice.

Why You Need A Contractor

Winterizing a roof usually happens in the fall, which has its own form of wet and nasty weather. A professional contractor will know how to properly winterize a roof safely and effectively. An inexperienced homeowner who tries to winterize their roof in the fall could be exposing themselves to serious injury.

Detecting gutter leaks and gauging the proper pitch to a gutter requires a professional contractor. If you ignore these elements of winterizing your gutters, then you could be subjecting your gutter to serious ice damage throughout the winter months.

A professional contractor is going to know what to look for when winterizing a roof and know how to address the problems that are found. A contractor can also alert you to any potential repair or replacement issues that would need to be done before the cold sets in to truly protect your home. When you bring in a professional contractor to take care of your roof and gutter winterizing projects, then you are getting a complete job done by someone who knows how to protect your home from the elements.

Finding The Right Contractor

Not every contractor that works on roofs and gutters offers winterizing services. When you look for a contractor to help you with this project, always be sure to look for contractors that have experience in offering this very specific kind of service.

You can find winterizing contractors online by using the various contractor referral websites. The nice thing about the referral websites is that they will also give you a list of comments from previous customers which can help you to determine which contractors you will want to talk to.

It is important to get at least three itemized quotes from three different contractors. When your quotes are itemized, it is much easier for you to see what work will be done and to compare the quotes side by side. Ask each contractor to include a copy of their liability insurance coverage and their contractor's license with each quote. A reputable contractor will have no problem supplying that kind of information.

The winter months can do more damage to your home than any other time of the year. The deceptive thing about winter damage is that it develops over months and is not easy to see. That is why you need to have your roof and gutters winterized by a professional contractor before the cold weather sets in.