Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Did you know that some insurance companies insist that you have your roof cleaned at least once per year? A roof cleaning is something that most homeowners take for granted, but it should be a regular part of your annual home maintenance processes. When it comes to having your roof cleaned properly, you should rely on the expertise of a professional contractor. A contractor will have the experience and equipment necessary to getting the job done right.

Why You Need To Have Your Roof Cleaned

When debris gets caught in your roof and will not be dislodged, it can damage your shingles and eventually create water leaking problems in the home. Debris that collects in the valleys of your roof can rot your roofing materials and create problems with pests and water damage.

Your roof is constantly subjected to spores from mold and moss, as well as stains from animals and rain. Mold and moss can grow on your roof and dry out your shingles until the shingles are no long able to protect your home. The mold and moss can also get under your shingles and start growing inside your home as well. By the time you see the mold, it may be to the point where it will cost you thousands of dollars to have it removed.

Algae and lichens that are found in the air and rainwater can get into your roof and rot the shingles and the wood deck of your roof as well. If you do not clean your roof regularly, then you are allowing all of these elements to remain unchecked.

The Dangers Of Improper Roof Cleaning

One of the biggest misconceptions about roof cleaning is that it can be done simply by using the garden hose and outside water spigot, or by renting a power washer. Professionals often avoid power washers when cleaning roofs because of the damage these devices can do.

If you have loose or rotted shingles and you do not know how to clean your roof, then you are pouring gallons of water directly into your home. When you do a roof cleaning without the proper experience and equipment, you can do much more harm than good.

Proper Roof Cleaning Materials

Professionals have special shampoos and chemicals they use to safely clean your roof and remove the dangerous parasites and pests. There are also several natural cleaning solutions that a professional roof cleaner will use to safely remove algae and moss from your roof.

When it comes to proper roof cleaning, roof repair materials are also essential. A professional can clean your roof and then repair any damage done, which leaves your roof looking and acting like it was brand new.

Benefits Of Roof Cleaning

Some people look at a dirty roof and think that it needs thousands of dollars in repair and replacement work. The truth is that a professionally cleaned roof will function and look as good as the day it was installed, at a fraction of the price.

If you are looking to sell your home, or if you are trying to maximize the value of your home for a refinance, then having your roof cleaned is a great investment. You can have your roof look as good as new and increase the value of your home, without paying thousands of dollars for expensive repairs.

Why You Need A Contractor

Any work that needs to be done on your roof is dangerous. The sharper the pitch on your roof, the more dangerous the job will be. A professional will be able to safely complete the job and be able to do a comprehensive job as well.

A professional roof cleaner will be able to identify the problem areas and address them properly. When you have your roof cleaned by a professional, you are avoiding the costs of repair and replacement. If you try to clean your roof on your own, you could significantly increase the costs of repairing and replacing your roof.

Finding A Good Contractor

You can find good roof cleaning contractors for your area by utilizing the contractor referral websites online. Be sure that you contact at least three contractors and request itemized quotes from each one. Itemized quotes will allow you to compare each quote easier and get the best deal.

Always ask for references that you can call to see how happy past customers were with the work that was done. An honest opinion from a past customer is invaluable when it comes to finding a good contractor.

When you talk to each contractor, you need to request a copy of their contractor's license and their insurance information. Reputable and honest contractors will have no problem supplying this information.

Instead of investing a lot of money to repair your roof, you should consider having it cleaned instead. A professional roof cleaner can get you great results and make your roof look like it was brand new.

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