Natural Slate Roofing Repair

Slate Roofing Repair

A natural slate roof offers a beautiful and unique look to any home, but it can also present a challenge when it needs repairs. As a homeowner, you can look at your slate tile roof from time to time to see if there are any tiles that are cracked or missing. But the best way to have your roof properly maintained is to have it inspected by a professional contractor who can see the damaged and loose tiles that you would be unable to see.

Why Should I Worry About Slate Roof Repair?

A properly installed slate roof acts like a protective system for your home that requires each piece to be in good working order. One damaged, loose, or missing tile could mean serious damage to your home from the weather and pests. This is very different from a metal or asphalt roof where the roof is essentially one large piece of material. With a slate tile roof, any kind of damage to any of the tiles could spell disaster.

How Can I Tell If My Roof Is Damaged?

A homeowner can visually inspect their slate tile roof at least once a week to keep an eye on any kind of potential issues, but that is not enough to prevent long-term damage. A professional contractor can look out over your slate tile roof and determine if there are any tiles that need to be repaired or replaced.

When it comes to water damage, that is not a sign you want to wait for. If you have access to the deck of your roof from your attic, then check it each time it rains to see if there are any leaks. By the time you see the damage in your ceiling or walls, it is already a substantial problem.

What Equipment And Materials Do I Need To Fix My Slate Roof?

Installing and repairing slate roofs require very specific pieces of equipment. You will require equipment such as:
• A slate ripper
• A slate cutter
• Flat pry bar

As for materials, you will need replacement slate tiles, copper sheeting, copper roofing nails, and weatherproofing caulk. A professional contractor will have the tools and materials needed to do the repair job properly. The most difficult part will be matching up the new slate tiles with the existing tiles in your roof in color, size, and type. It is a job best left to the professionals.

Why Do I Need A Contractor?

Working on a slate tile roof is extremely dangerous, even for experienced contractors. Slate tile is extremely slick, and a loose tile can be a hazard to anyone working on a roof. For your own safety, and to make sure the job gets done properly, you need to have a professional contractor take care of your slate roof repair.

Another reason for getting a professional contractor is that it can be difficult for an inexperienced person to be able to identify loose tiles, or even find the tiles that are causing leaks. A trained professional can identify those issues and take care of them immediately.

Tips For Getting Natural Slate Roofing Repair Done

If you get your roof inspected by a professional during the warmer weather, then it is easier to get on your roof and repair any damaged tile. When the weather is wet and cold, it is extremely difficult to repair slate tile.

Asphalt mastic, delivered in caulk tubes, is a great way to seal a slate tile roof and prevent the weather from damaging your home. Asphalt mastic tends to be a bit more durable than acrylic caulk, which is why contractors tend to prefer it over caulk.

Finding A Contractor

Repairing a slate tile roof is a specialty that should only be done by an experienced contractor. When you look for contractors to get quotes from, always make sure that they have plenty of experience in dealing with slate tile roofing materials.

It is always best to collect at least three quotes and request that each quote be itemized. With an itemized quote, you can tell what kinds of materials are being used on the job and you can easily compare quotes side by side. You should also request that guarantees for the work and the materials be submitted in writing with each quote.

A slate tile roof can add character to your home and be a durable way to protect your home from the elements. But when it comes to repairing your slate tile roof, then that is a job that you should leave to a professional.

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