PVC Gutters

PVC Gutters

When it comes to gutter materials, homeowners have a lot of options to choose from. One of the less expensive options that tends to last for a very long time is PVC. The acronym PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, and it is used to describe decorative gutters that are made from vinyl and built to last.

Styles Of PVC Gutters

PVC gutters are made to imitate any style of gutter that is available. There is the standard K-style gutter that is seen on many homes, or you can have a rounded base gutter that holds more water. There is also a box-shaped PVC gutter that works well for smaller homes.

Colors Of PVC Gutters

The two primary colors for PVC gutters are white and brown. Many manufacturers offer shades of white and brown that you can use to match or compliment the exterior decor of your home. Some homeowners purchase white PVC gutters under the impression that they can paint the gutters any color they want. Vinyl is not very permeable, so paint has a difficult time adhering to it. Vinyl also tends to expand and contract with the weather, which will crack paint over time. As a general rule, you should not plan on painting any vinyl products.

Why Choose PVC Gutters?

PVC gutters are easy to maintain and can last for a very long time. If you live in an area where the weather gets very cold during the winter, then you will want to consider reinforcing your PVC gutters to withstand the ice. While vinyl is very durable, it is not as adept at supporting the weight of heavy ice like an aluminum or metal gutter would be. That is why it is best to have your PVC gutters reinforced when you have them installed.

Why You Need A Contractor

Installing any kind of gutters requires the expertise of a professional contractor. A contractor can determine the best way to secure your gutters to your home, and a contractor will also know how to get the proper pitch for your gutters as well. Without the proper pitch, water will not run down your gutters and to the downspouts. While PVC gutters are relatively easy to cut, they can be complicated to put together. A PVC gutter kit has to be fitted properly to your home in order for it to look and function as it should. Once the PVC gutters are in place, they can resist scratches and other forms of damage much better than most other kinds of gutters.

Finding A Contractor

Collect no less than three quotes from three qualified gutter contractors when you are preparing your PVC gutter installation project. Ask each contractor to put their product and work guarantees in writing on their quotes, and also be sure that each quote includes references that you can call to check on the contractor's work. PVC gutters look clean and retain their look for a very long time. They are an inexpensive alternative to the other gutter materials that are available and they can be installed by a professional contractor. If you want good gutters that offer value and reliability, then talk to a professional contractor about having PVC gutters installed on your home.

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