Wood Shake and Composite Roofing

Wood Shake and Composite Roofing

Wood shake and composite roofing materials have a unique look that homeowners love. It is a great design for rural houses, or for suburban homeowners that want their homes to stand out from the rest. When it comes to having a wood shake or composite roof installed, it needs to be:
• Installed properly
• Installed on a clean surface (this is definitely not re-roofing material).
• Inspected every year to check for repair needs.

Because of the unique way that wood shake and composite shingles are installed, they require regular maintenance to remain effective. There are several reasons for properly maintaining your wood shake or composite roof, not the least of which is protecting your home from the weather.

What Is Wood Shake Roofing?

Wood shake roofing uses shingles made from real wood that is treated to resist the weather and fire. The most common types of wood used include:
• Red Cedar
• Cypress
• Pine

A wood shake shingle is thicker at the base and then tapers out towards the end. This makes it easier to install the shingle properly and also encourages water to flow off the roof.

What Are Composite Shingles?

Composite shingles are made from recycled material and put into the form of wood shake shingles. The composite shingles are also treated to resist weather and fire and they are generally less expensive than wood shake shingles.

Homeowners tend to prefer composites shingles because they do not split and crack like wood shake shingles. But composite shingles do deteriorate over time and need regular maintenance to remain effective.

What Kind Of Regular Maintenance Is Needed?

Wood shake and composite shingles are both installed one shingle at a time and they come together to create a layer of protection for your home. Throughout the year, the wind and weather can cause the shingles to move and that weakens the roof's ability to protect your home. Maintenance is done to inspect the shingles, replace cracked or worn shingles, and align the shingles so that they can all do their job properly.

Things To Remember About Wood Shake And Composite Roofing

Installing and maintaining wood shake or composite roofing is definitely not a job for an amateur. These shingles are extremely slippery and do not offer the kind of footing that asphalt shingles do. An inexperienced homeowner can easily get injured working on wood shake or composite shingles, even on a roof that does not have much of a pitch.

As we mentioned earlier, each wood shake or composite shingle comes together to form a protective layer for your home. If the shingles are not installed properly, then your roof will leak and cause damage. It is extremely difficult for the untrained eye to see a wood shake roof that is improperly installed. That is why it is so important to have your roof installed and maintained by a professional.

How Often Should I Have My Roof Maintained And My Shingles Replaced?

You should have a professional contractor look over your roof at least once a year. Wood shake and composite shingle roofs can shift and change a lot in the course of 12 months. If you allow your roof to go more than a year without maintenance, then you will be asking for problems.

Wood shake and composite shingles need to be replaced as soon as they show signs of deterioration. A professional contractor can identify shingles that are close to cracking and can replace them for you one at a time. The one advantage of a wood shake or composite shingle roof is that each shingle can be replaced as needed, which prevents large repair expenses.

Finding The Right Contractor

You can find good wood shake or composite roofing contractors when you use online contractor referral services. It is extremely important that you specify that you are inquiring about a wood shake or composite roof as not all roofers handle these kinds of systems. You want a roofer that has the experience you need to get the job done properly.

Always get at least three quotes from three separate contractors, and have each contractor include references you can call on. A reputable and reliable contractor will insist on including proof of their insurance coverage, as well as information about their contractor's license.

A wood shake or composite roof offers a unique look to any home and can add value to your home as well. But if you want your roof to continue to do its job, then you will need to make sure that you have regular maintenance and repair work done to it by an experienced and professional contractor.

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