Copper Gutters

Copper Gutters

When you talk about maintaining your home, you truly do get what you pay for. Copper gutters have a reputation for being expensive, but they are also well worth the investment. If you are considering new gutters on your home, then you will want to educate yourself on the benefits of copper gutters.

Why Copper Gutters?

Copper gutters tend to last for a very long time. Where most metal gutters may last 10 to 15 years, copper gutters last for up to 75 years. The most common gauge of copper gutter on residential homes is 20 ounce copper and it can add a lot to the value and look of your home.

Types Of Copper Gutters

There used to be standard copper gutters and coated copper gutters available for residential installation. But coated copper has slowly been phased out due to the lead used in the coating.

The new copper gutters are made from a treated copper that is safe and extremely durable. Copper gutters are difficult to buy from a standard building supply store, which is why it makes more sense to hire a contractor to install them for you.

Why You Need A Contractor

In order to get the best possible look from your copper gutters, they should be seamless and fabricated to fit your home. Only an experienced contractor has the experience and tools necessary to be able to fabricate copper and give you the kinds of gutters you want.

Copper gutters tend to be much heavier than other metal gutters or PVC gutters. The extra weight can make installation more and difficult and dangerous. A professional contractor will know how to handle the installation safely and efficiently.

Some Interesting Facts About Copper Gutters

Copper gutters are not only durable, but they are incredibly resistant to damage. If a storm scratches or scuffs the exterior of your copper gutters, then the gutters will repair that blemish over time.

Part of the appeal of copper gutters is the natural change they go through that creates the characteristic green color we are all accustomed to. Copper gutters are not painted because the green patina that forms is considered to be much more desirable than a coat of paint.

Finding A Contractor

Take the time to get at least three referrals for reliable cooper gutter contractors in your area. Ask that each contractor submit an itemized quote to make it easier for you to compare quotes and make a final decision.

You will want to spend time discussing your copper gutter project with each contractor to understand their individual approaches and what kind of results they will be offering. Ask each contractor for references that you can call on to go see the quality of work that each contractor offers.

A reputable contractor will insist upon supplying you with a copy of their insurance coverage information and their contractor's license. You should avoid doing business with contractors who will not offer this important information.

If you want a unique look to your home that will retain its investment for a very long time, then you want copper gutters. Talk to a professional contractor in your area and find out more about the benefits of putting copper gutters on your home and protecting your roof with style.

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