Seamless Metal Gutters

Seamless Metal Gutters

In the contracting world, you will hear professionals talk about the idea of eliminating points of failure from a system. For example, a plumbing job that has several pipe connections has several points of failure because each connection represents a potential leak. The ideal situation is to remove that point of failure and give the homeowner peace of mind. Seamless metal gutters are designed to remove those points of failure and create a clean, professional look.

What Are Seamless Metal Gutters?

In most cases, metal gutters are sold to contractors in lengths of 10 feet. In order to span an area longer than 10 feet, the contractor has to create a seam where two pieces of gutter meet. That seam represents a potential leak and a point of failure in the system.

Seamless gutters are custom-made pieces that do not have seams. These are gutters fashioned from metal that run the entire length without requiring any kind of connecting points. These gutters are made by professional contractors using special equipment.

Metal Used To Make Seamless Gutters

The most commonly used material for seamless gutters is aluminum. It is inexpensive and easy for the contractor to fabricate onsite. Some other metals that may get used for seamless gutters are copper and steel. These types of seamless gutters tend to be very expensive and require a more durable installation process because they are heavier than aluminum.

Considerations For Seamless Metal Gutters

Most contractors fabricate gutters that are either five or six inches wide. A gutter that is five-inches wide is most common, while a six-inch width is used for steeper pitched roofs that may deliver more rainwater to the gutters at a faster pace. The extra width is there to help prevent the rainwater from spilling over and damaging the foundation of the home.

Only A Contractor Should Fabricate Seamless Gutters

Working with aluminum is dangerous because it is sharp and very difficult to handle. A trained contractor has the experience and equipment necessary to create attractive seamless gutters from a sheet of aluminium.

In order for seamless gutters to do their job, they have to be fabricated in a particular way. An experienced contractor will know how to properly fabricate your gutters to make sure that they are safe and that they remove the rainwater from your home as well.

Finding The Right Contractor

When you look for a good seamless gutter contractor, be sure to collect at least three quotes from three qualified professionals. Ask for references and find out if you can visit previous projects so that you're able to see the kind of work that each contractor has done in the past.

Discuss all of your options with the contractor you choose and always ask to see the contractor's insurance information and contractor's license before work begins. A reputable seamless gutter contractor will insist on showing you that information prior to starting the job.

Seams on gutters create points of failure where the gutters can leak, and they can also make the gutters look unsightly over time. The solution is to get seamless gutters installed by an experienced and professional contractor. You will remove the points of failure and be left with gutters that will protect your home for many years.

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