Wood Gutters

Wood Gutters

If you have an older home, then you may have wood gutters protecting your roof. With newer construction, wood gutters add a unique and rural look to a home that is impossible to get with any other kind of material. If you do have wood gutters, then there are some things you should know about maintenance. If you want wood gutters, then you need to talk to a professional gutter contractor.

What Kind Of Wood Is Used For Wood Gutters?

When it comes to durable wood that can withstand the elements, cedar fits the bill nicely. That is why the large majority of wood gutters are made from cedar. For a more economic alternative to cedar, many people choose fir as their wood gutter of choice.

The key to a reliable wood gutter is to choose a wood that can withstand the wind, snow, ice, and rain. Cedar trees are famous for their durability, and fir trees are famous for their ability to stay green all year round.

Advice On Maintaining Wood Gutters

It is important to be very careful when cleaning wood gutters as they present the threat of very large splinters. Always wear thick, protective gloves and goggles when cleaning wood gutters, and take your time to make sure the job gets done properly.

If you want your wood gutters to last, then paint the outside of your gutters with a protective paint, and rub down the inside with oil. A fresh coat of linseed oil once or twice a year on the inside of your wood gutters will prevent them from cracking.

For those who rightfully worry about the interior of their wooden gutters, it would be worth it to line them with a metal shell. You can still maintain the look of your wooden gutters on the exterior, but you have the added protection of metal on the inside.

Get A Contractor To Do The Work

The reality is that installing and maintaining wood gutters is a job for a professional contractor. There are too many things that can go wrong and too many potential problems that can be missed when an inexperienced person tries to maintain wood gutters.

If you have a professional contractor maintain your wood gutters for you, then you can keep that natural wood beauty that convinced you to have wood gutters in the first place. A good contractor taking care of your wood gutters twice a year will be just the thing you need to protect your roof and maintain the look of your home.

Finding A Contractor

Installing and maintaining wood gutters is a very specific task that requires an experienced gutter contractor. Get referrals from the local home improvement warehouse, or from a contractor referral website, and collect at least three quotes from reputable companies.

You should also request that each quote include references that you can call on, as well as proof of insurance for each contractor. A reputable contractor will also be more than happy to produce a copy of their contractor's license as well.

Wood gutters offer a unique look to your home that can add value and make your home stand out. Be sure that you entrust the maintenance of those gutters to a trained and experienced professional contractor.

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