Metal Roof Painting

Metal Roof Painting

A metal roof gives a unique look to your home that can last upwards of 50 years or more. If you want to get the best return on your investment in a metal roof, then you need to attend to its regular maintenance. While a metal roof actually requires very little in the way of repair, it does require a new coat of paint now and again. When it comes to painting your metal roof, you need to reach out to a qualified contractor to get the job done right.

Why Do I Need To Paint My Metal Roof?

A metal roof is made of a weather-resistant material that is covered in a protective coating of special paint. Over time, the metal underneath remains intact, while the paint can often peel and chip away. If you want to properly protect your metal roof, then you need to have it painted and replace that layer of protection.

Another reason for painting a metal roof is to change the color. One of the huge benefits of a metal roof is that you can change its color whenever you want. All you need to do is have it painted by a professional and it can enhance the overall look of your home.

What Do I Need To Know To Paint My Roof?

In order to properly paint your metal roof, you need to know what kind of metal the roof is made from and what type of substrate, or base coat, is on the roof. The type of metal will help dictate the kind of paint you use. There are several different types of substrates on a metal roof that react in different ways. Some substrates need to be removed before a new coat can go on, while others can simply be cleaned up and painted over.

What Types Of Paint Are Used?

In the early days of metal roofs, oil-based paints were extremely popular because of their initial ability to provide the necessary protective coating. But oil paints tend to dry out and peel, which caused the metal roof industry to develop its own kind of paint.

Professional contractors now use an acrylic-based metal roof paints have been developed for the various kinds of metal. An aluminum roof takes a different kind of paint than a copper roof. These paints bond directly to the metal and create a durable shell.

Why You Need A Contractor

Painting a metal roof is a dangerous job for many reasons. A pitched metal roof is a slick surface that is difficult to walk on if you do not have the proper experience. You can also injure yourself when doing the prep work before painting the roof if you are not careful.

A professional contractor has the tools and experience necessary to do the job properly and safely. Not only that, but a contractor also has the know-how when it comes to identifying what kind of metal roof you have and finding the proper paint for it. Metal roof paint comes in a wide variety of colors, but it is important to find the right kind of paint for the job if you want the best results. A contractor will know what kind of paint to use to get a durable finish that will protect your roof for many years.

Another reason you will want to use a contractor is to help out with any issues your roof may be having. A contractor can inspect the seams on your metal roof and make sure that the roof is still secure before applying the protective coat of paint.

Finding A Good Contractor

You will want to get referrals from at least three professional contractors that are experienced in installing and maintaining metal roofs. Not every roofer in your area deals in metal roofs, so you need to take the time to find the contractors that have the experience you need to get the job done.

Ask each contractor to discuss the job with you in person and submit an itemized quote for your review. Itemized quotes show you exactly what you are paying for and they are also easier to compare. Be sure that each contractor gives you a written guarantee for their materials and their work.

A metal roof is an investment that will last well beyond the term of any asphalt shingle roof. But every once in a while, a metal roof needs a little help in maintaining its durability. That is when you should call in a professional contractor to survey your metal roof and put down a coat of paint that will continue to protect your home and preserve your investment.

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