Natural Slate Roofing

Natural Slate Roofing

A natural slate roof is a durable way to protect your home from the elements. A properly installed slate roof can last anywhere from 50 to 75 years, as long as it is maintained by a professional contractor. If you are looking to install a slate roof, then there are several reasons why that is a good idea. If you feel that you may need some repair work done on your slate roof, then you will want to talk to an experienced contractor.

Why Should I Have A Slate Roof Installed On My Home?

Slate roofs are durable, reliable, and require very little routine maintenance. When you have your slate roof inspected by a professional contractor on a regular basis, then you can expect that roof to outlast any asphalt roof.

A slate roof has a very rustic and warm look to it, despite the fact that it is made of stone. You can get slate in a few different colors and that can really add to the look of the finished product. When you have a slate roof installed on your home, you are increasing the value and the appeal of your home.

How Should I Install My Natural Slate Roof?

A natural slate roof should only be installed or repaired by an experienced and professional contractor. Slate is a very heavy and slick building material that can be difficult to work with. When it is handled improperly, slate can also be brittle and can crack easily. But when it is handled by a professional, it can add a beauty and durability to your home.

When you are installing slate tile on a pitched roof, you are working in some of the most dangerous conditions a roofer will ever face. Unless you have the right equipment and several years of experience, there is no way that you should attempt to replace or install a slate roof.

In order to replace a slate roof, you first have to remove the existing roof. Removing a slate roof requires special tools and a special process that is designed to prevent damage to the rest of the home. Once again, a slate roof project is something that should only be done by an experienced contractor who is using the proper tools.

Why Would I Want To Replace My Slate Roof?

Just because a slate roof is made of stone does not mean that it is indestructible. A slate roof requires maintenance and attention just like any other roof. Over the years, cracked and broken tiles can cause problems with the roof that will require a complete overhaul. In many cases, the flashing and roofing deck will need replacement long before the slate itself. But, over time, a slate roof that has not been properly maintained will need to be replaced if you want it to protect your home.

The Importance Of Replacing Your Slate Roof

A natural slate roof that has been repeatedly repaired can start to look unsightly. To help improve the value of your home, you will want to have your slate roof replaced when it starts to look like a checkerboard of repair work.

As we mentioned previously, the slate itself tends to outlive the decking and other materials that are used to install the roof. There is a good chance that, if you do have your slate roof inspected by a professional, they will find that the decking and flashing is beyond repair and needs to be replaced. The slate tiles on your roof are heavy, and a deteriorated deck suddenly becomes a dangerous thing to your home.

Finding The Right Contractor

It is important to find roofing contractors that have extensive experience in slate roofing. Not all roofers work in slate, so you will need to find ones that have that specific experience. It is in your best interest to get at least three itemized quotes for your project so you can see what you are being charged for, and easily compare the quotes side by side.

Each contractor should be more than willing to supply you with their liability insurance coverage information and a copy of their contractor's license as well. Each quote should also include a written warranty for the work, and references you can call on to see what kind of quality each contractor is known for.

A natural slate roof has a look and texture to it that no other material can replicate. When it is time to have your slate roof replaced, or if you want to have one installed on your home for the first time, then be sure to work only with an experienced contractor who knows exactly how to get the results you want.

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