Roofing Warnings and Dangers

Roofing Warnings

Have you ever started to think of what could go wrong if you completely neglected your roof? Many homeowners do not pay regular attention to their roof and they are often caught off guard when the water starts to leak into their home. The problem is that, by the time you start to see the leaks, it may be too late for cost-effective repairs. Owning a home comes with many responsibilities and monitoring the condition of the roof is one of the most important aspects of home ownership. There are many potential dangers involved with not getting your roof inspected by an experienced professional at least once a year.

You Do Not See Every Water Leak in Your Home

When the water starts leaking through your ceiling, it can cause a great deal of frustration for a homeowner. If that homeowner understood how much water damage he is not seeing associated with that leak, then he would be even more frustrated.

A leaky roof does not always deposit water conveniently onto your ceiling where you can see it. In many cases, you could have a roof leak for years and not even know it. While the water drips without anything to stop it, the water is creating damage to the roof and also encouraging the development of potentially dangerous mold. Do not wait until you see a leak to have your roof inspected. Every homeowner should have their roof inspected by a trained professional at least once per year.

Working on Your Own Roof Can Be Hazardous

Experienced roofing contractors constantly warn homeowners to allow professionals to work on their roofs, but those warnings can often go unheeded. When a homeowner watches an experienced roofing crew working on a home, that crew can make the work look easy. The truth is that it takes a great deal of physical coordination and stamina to safely work on a roof. The pitch of the roof is the angle at which the roof sits. The more pitch on a roof, the more danger there is for amateurs trying to save a few dollars on roof repairs.

A homeowner with no experience in roofing should never work on his own roof. A professional roofing company will give you a free estimate on the work that has to be done to repair or replace your roof, which means that a homeowner should never be up on his roof for any reason. This is especially true when it is raining or snowing outside and the roof has become slick. Avoid potential injury and always have a professional work on your roof.

Always Screen Your Roofing Contractors

When homeowners start looking for a contractor to work on their roofs, they are often looking for the cheapest price. It is possible to get a good value for your roofing work without having to settle for the cheapest price. When you screen roofing contractors, you want to find out what kind of experience a roofer has, what kind of insurance the company carries and if there are any references you can call to see what past customers think of the work the roofer has done.

It is always wise to consider a number of quotes from three qualified contractors before you settle on a roofer. A bad roofer that is trying to cut costs can do more harm than good. You will be paying for a job that is done poorly and may require more work in the coming years. An improperly installed roof can be just as bad as an old roof with leaks in it. It is always best to pay for the competent contractor and have your roof done right the first time.

Do What You Can to Protect Your Roof

If you have a large tree branch growing out over your roof, then you need to have that branch removed immediately. While you may not be a professional roofer, there are still plenty of things you can do to protect your roof and avoid potential problems.

One of the worst things a homeowner can do is refuse to clean his gutters at least twice per year. When water backs up in a gutter, it will start to cause water damage to the decking of the roof and it will also create leaks throughout the house. If there is one thing that a homeowner can do that will protect his roof, it is cleaning out his gutters and replace gutters that no longer carry water away from the roof. Neglecting your gutters will not only put the foundation of your home in jeopardy, but it can also cause roof issues that you may not see until they have caused thousands of dollars in damage.