Decking FAQ's

Decking FAQ's

A deck on your home or pool can enhance the enjoyment of spring and summer gathering. If you have a deck, then there are some maintenance tips that you should be aware of that will extend the life of your deck and make it safe all summer long. If you do not have a deck, then there are some things to consider as you discuss your deck needs with a qualified contractor.

How Often Should I Weatherproof My Deck?

If your deck was made from wood that was not treated, then you need to put a new coat of weatherproofing on the wood to protect it. Most weatherproofing stains tend to last around two years, under normal conditions. But if your deck is exposed to persistent sunlight or moisture, then you should consider weatherproofing it every year. For example, if you do not have a cover over your deck to create shade, then the persistent exposure to sunlight will require you to weatherproof your deck at least once a year.

Why Is My Deck Floor A Different Color Than The Railings?

Different parts of your deck will receive light in different concentrations. If your deck floor has no shade protection, then you will see its color get lighter at a relatively fast pace. The railings are not changing color as quickly because the railing tops are offering shade that protects the railing posts.

Why Do I Need To Keep My Deck Floor Clean?

If you want your deck to last longer, then you need to remove wet leaves, ice and snow from your deck as often as possible. When these wet materials are allowed to make persistent contact with your deck, then they can cause discoloring and uneven wear of the weatherproofing protection. If you keep your deck clean and dry, then the materials used to protect it will be able to do their jobs.

How Long Should I Wait To Use My Deck After Staining?

When you read the cans that your deck stain came in, you will see a variety of drying times on the label. You will see anything from 15 minutes to 48 hours. In most cases, you can safely apply a second coat of stain 15 minutes after applying the first coat. But if you really want to protect your deck and get the most from your weatherproofing stain, then you should give each layer at least 48 hours to dry before applying a second layer and before using your deck.

What Kinds Of Decking Materials Should I Use?

There is a wide variety of engineered building products being used to build decks these days. The composite decking materials are made of vinyl and other materials that prevent aging and discoloration. These composite products are excellent if you do not want to do a lot of maintenance on your deck, but they can be pricey. It can also be difficult to paint composite building materials, so you will be stuck with the color you choose when you first install your deck.

Most people like the look of real wood for their deck, but be careful when choosing your decking materials. If you do go for the real wood look, then make sure you use pressure-treated lumber for your project. Pressure-treated lumber lasts for years and is treated to avoid damage from water and ice.

Should I Build My Own Deck?

Do-it-yourself television shows make deck building look a lot easier than it really is. A professional contractor knows when to use concrete footings and how deep those footings should be. A professional has years of experience in building decks that are level and easy to use. A deck which is not level can be hard to walk on and it also becomes difficult to safely put a grill on a deck that is not level.

A deck is not the ideal kind of weekend project for the ambitious homeowner. It is a project that should only be tackled by a professional contractor with years of experience. You can work with a contractor to get the kind of look and materials you want for your deck and be happy with the results.

Does A Deck Increase My Property Value?

One of the worst reasons to invest in a deck is to try and raise the value of your property prior to selling it. Potential buyers may not want a deck in the backyard and the installation of a deck could backfire. You should only install a deck if it is something that you want for your home and only if you intend to use it for years of backyard fun.

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